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Founded in 2005, ​Bridges M&C is a regional agency with offices in Singapore and Malaysia and associates across the ASEAN region. Since 2008, Bridges M&C has specialised in serving clients from the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, with national, region-wide, and multinational projects.


We are a results-driven agency that sets and exceeds key performance indicator (KPI) targets for every project. 


Well-versed at working within the rules and regulations governing the marketing and publicising of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and services in the countries that we operate in, we understand the various audiences our clients wish to reach — such as consumers, healthcare professionals, academics and policy-makers — how they consume media, and the best ways to reach out to them.

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Bridges M&C’s account directors have a wealth of previous experience in all aspects of the communications industry; having worked as journalists and editors, in-house corporate communications directors in multinational corporations, and account managers in PR and advertising agencies. 


Over the years, we have built a solid reputation as effective health communicators, thanks to an in-depth understanding of the mainstream, trade, and social media landscapes and the rules and regulations governing the marketing and publicising of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and services.

Our team is as adept at generating technical articles for the trade media read by healthcare professionals as we are at making complex medical topics understandable and relevant for the general public reading consumer media. And we do it in English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.

Nan: 20 years in editorial, advertising, and medical PR, communicating in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Indonesia

Nanny Eliana


Account Director, South East Asia


John Battersby


Account Director,

South East Asia

Azzura Hassan-Benoit, Account Director, Malaysia

Azzura Hassan-Benoit


Account Director, Malaysia

Hyma Haridas, Account Director, Malaysia

Hyma Haridas


Account Director, Malaysia

Mariel Chow, Client Services Executive

Mariel Chow


Client Services Executive

Shah Rizal, Client Services Executive

Shah Rizal


Client Services Executive

Justin Yuen, Creative Director for Publishing and Event Support

Justin Yuen


Creative Director for Publishing and

Event Support

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