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The Bridges Plants Trees campaign is a collaboration with social enterprise Animal Projects & Environmental Education (APE Malaysia) in support of their Restore Our Amazing Rainforest (ROAR) initiative which involves the planting and maintenance of tree saplings in the Lower Kinabatangan area in Sabah. As well as restoring wildlife habitats, the campaign also supports local communities.

Why Us?

In addition to sponsoring 50 tree saplings and three years’ maintenance of these saplings, for every 10 saplings sponsored through this campaign, Bridges M&C will be sponsoring an additional sapling and three years’ maintenance of that sapling.

The campaign starts on 14 July 2022 and ends on World Earth Day on April 22 2023.


tree saplings sponsored

*Numbers are updated at least once a week

To those who sponsored between July and September 2022, your saplings have been planted! Please check your inbox (and spam folder) for link to sapling photos and your e-certificate.

To those who sponsored trees between October 2022 and May 2023, we will be sending you updates via email very soon!

Our 2022-2023 CSR campaign, Bridges Plants Trees, has concluded with a flourish! We're proud to have partnered APE Malaysia's Restore Our Amazing Rainforest (ROAR) initiative by contributing to the planting and maintaining of 600 saplings to support the flora, fauna, and Orang Sungai communities in Lower Kinabatangan, Sabah. We'd like to thank all our sponsors; without your support, this would not have been possible.

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We’re planting 10 trees for every new contract signed!

Our BridgesPlantsTrees CSR campaign has been successful, but there’s still so much to be done to preserve and support rainforests, starting with our own backyards!


Bridges M&C would like to continue supporting the amazing work by APE Malaysia through their Restore Our Amazing Rainforests (ROAR) initiative.


And so for every new contract we sign on from June 1st 2023, we will be planting 10 tree saplings, and their maintenance for four years in the client’s name.


For every regional contract covering at least two countries, we will be planting 15 tree saplings, and their maintenance for four years in the client’s name.


  1. You will receive a receipt for your sponsorship from Stripe within 24 hours of payment.

  2. Within 3 working days, you will receive an email from confirming the name you wish to put on your e-certificate. If you are gifting a tree package to another person (friend, family, colleague, etc), we will request for the recipient’s details to send a personalised email and e-certificate. Please do check your spam folder in case our email (from gets filtered there.

  3. Photos and e-certificates will only be provided after the tree saplings have been planted based on APE Malaysia's planting schedule, i.e. between 3 to 6 months of payment. We will contact you through when they are ready.

  4. Bridges M&C and APE Malaysia will not use your contact details for purposes other than would be considered reasonable to ensure you receive your sapling photos and e-certificates within the stipulated time. Thank you!

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Did you know?


Globally 25% of drugs used in modern medicine are derived from rainforest plants [1]


120 prescription drugs sold worldwide today to treat diabetes, heart conditions and infectious diseases are derived directly from rainforest plants [2]


Researchers believe around 70% of rainforest plants have anti-cancer properties [2]


[1] Global Risk Insights. Deforestation Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry. June 2015. [2] Shipra Shah, Jahangeer A. Bhat, Ethnomedicinal knowledge of indigenous communities and pharmaceutical potential of rainforest ecosystems in Fiji Islands, Journal of Integrative Medicine, Volume 17, Issue 4, 2019, Pages 244-249

(C) APE Malaysia

Rainforests provide us with medicine

As a medical and healthcare communications agency, Bridges M&C recognises that encouraging biodiversity through reforestation can increase our chances of discovering new medicines, and preserve the lifeblood of medicinal botany. Sadly, the rapid rate of deforestation and subsequent eradication of species of flora is outpacing the rate at which scientists can learn about the medicinal properties of plants. About 40% of the world’s green lungs have vanished and a further 10 million hectares of forests are being lost to deforestation every year. At this rate, experts predict that by the year 2100, more than 50% of all rainforest flora and fauna will become extinct.


Global Risk Insights. Deforestation Impacting the Pharmaceutical Industry. June 2015.

World Wide Fund for Nature. Forests.

Brodwin E. Earth is on the edge of a 'Sixth Extinction'. April 2015.

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