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The Bridges Plants Trees campaign is a collaboration with social enterprise Animal Projects & Environmental Education (APE Malaysia) in support of their Restore Our Amazing Rainforest (ROAR) initiative which involves the planting and maintenance of tree saplings in the Lower Kinabatangan area in Sabah. As well as restoring wildlife habitats, the campaign also supports local indigenous communities.


To learn more about the campaign, please visit our 

Bridges Plants Trees 2022-2023 page here

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Our 2022-2023 CSR campaign, Bridges Plants Trees, has concluded with a flourish! We're proud to have partnered APE Malaysia's Restore Our Amazing Rainforest (ROAR) initiative by contributing to the planting and maintaining of 600 saplings to support the flora, fauna, and Orang Sungai communities in Lower Kinabatangan, Sabah. 

Update: January 2024

We are thrilled to announce we will be contributing an additional 188 tree saplings to the Restore Our Amazing Rainforests initiative (ROAR), thanks to new and existing clients signing contracts with us from 1st June to 31st of December 2023. This brings our total count of trees planted to 788 since the start of the initiative in July 2022.


Every new contract signed with Bridges M&C contributes at least five tree saplings to #BridgesPlantsTrees, and includes maintenance of the saplings for up three years. The greater the number of contracts, and the higher the value of each contract, the more trees we will plant through the initiative.

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