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Many of our clients in the medical and healthcare industry are wary about, if not daunted by the prospect of communicating via social media. As a PR agency specialising in the industry, we must strike a balance between communicating truthfully to the public and handling public feedback on social media platforms, all while adhering to the rules and regulations governing the publicity of drugs and medical devices. To do so we keep ourselves up to date on the prevailing government rules and regulations, and our account directors often attend regulatory and compliance courses organised by our clients to familiarise ourselves with their own internal guidelines on what is acceptable when devising and running social media campaigns.


Being former journalists we have a keen eye for angles likely to capture our intended audience’s imagination when creating content. As well as generating original content in the form of features, listicles, and even videos and infographics to post on clients’ websites and social media platforms, we often repurpose the pitch angles we have suggested to the media into content. We have a proven record of effectively driving organic viewership and engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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