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BridgesPlantsTrees #2022 #2023

In late 2021 and early 2022, the cumulative effects of deforestation hit home for Bridges M&C team members based in Malaysia. Unprecedented flash floods and landslides across five states displaced more than 65,000 people; among them family and friends of the team.


At the time, we were seeking out a suitable theme for our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project for 2022, and reforestation as a way of moderating climate change came immediately to mind. The team later learned conservation has been a passion of Founder and Regional Senior Account Director, Nanny Eliana. For eight years she has been recycling plastics and paper, and around the same time the Selangor flash floods and landslides hit, she began composting fruit and vegetable waste from her household to feed the plants at Bridges M&C’s Singapore headquarters, and the gardens in her neighbourhood.

flooding in malaysia.png

Photo: Bernama

So the Bridges Plants Trees CSR campaign was born, in our hope of mitigating the effects of climate change, increasing our chances of discovering new medicines, while helping the indigenous Orang Sungai to become better custodians of their land by involving them in the reforestation efforts.

Launched in July 2022, Bridges Plants Trees is a partnership between Bridges M&C and APE Malaysia, a social enterprise which has been actively involved in reforestation efforts since 2009. Through APE Malaysia’s Restore Our Amazing Rainforest (ROAR) initiative, Bridges Plants Trees is helping to create forest corridors in Sabah’s Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary which reconnects wildlife populations in the area. A majority of these reforestation sites are former logging and log-dumping sites, alienated and abandoned land, or former agricultural land.

Sponsoring trees

To kickstart the campaign, Bridges M&C sponsored 50 trees. We also sponsored three years’ maintenance for those trees to increase their chances of survival. For every 10 trees sponsored through the campaign, we sponsored an additional tree and its maintenance for three years. 

In less than two months since its launch, the Bridges Plants Trees campaign raised sponsorship for the planting and maintenance of more than 300 tree saplings.

Saplings (C) APE Malaysia.jpg

(C) APE Malaysia

Sponsors came from Malaysia and Singapore, and as far as Thailand, China, France, and the United States. As well as rallying the support of clients and business associates in the medical and healthcare industries, the Bridges M&C team appealed to friends, family, and even social media influencers for their support through their platforms.

The campaign concluded with a flourish in May 2023, with the Bridges Plants Trees campaign contributing a total of 600 tree saplings to the ROAR initiative, as well as the maintenance of those trees.

APE Malaysia planted the first 300 saplings in November 2022, while the remaining 300 saplings were planted in June 2023. Upon the successful planting of the tree saplings, the corresponding sponsor received photos of the saplings, as well as an e-certificate containing their geographical coordinates. In the photos, the name of the sponsor was displayed next to the saplings. 

Thank you!

Bridges M&C would like to thank

Bridges Plants Trees sponsors.

Website - cert.png
Website - cert.png
Update January 2024

As part of our ongoing #BridgesPlantsTrees initiative, we are thrilled to announce Bridges M&C will be contributing an additional 188 tree saplings to the Restore Our Amazing Rainforests (ROAR) initiative, thanks to new and existing clients signing contracts with us from 1st June to 31st of December 2023. This brings our total count of trees planted to 788 since the start of the initiative in July 2022.

Every new contract signed with Bridges M&C contributes at least five tree saplings to #BridgesPlantsTrees, and includes maintenance of the saplings for up three years. The greater the number of contracts, and the higher the value of each contract, the more trees we will plant through the initiative. We'd like to thank every one of our clients for making this possible!

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