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Bridges Gives Back

As a medical and healthcare communications agency, we have been committed to raising awareness of diseases and healthcare issues among both medical practitioners and the general public for more than a decade. From 2021 onwards, we are taking this commitment one step further by adopting a health-related cause every year for our annual corporate social responsibility (CSR) project, Bridges Gives Back. #bridgesgivesback

It all began in late 2020, when Bridges M&C founder and account director Nanny Eliana was invited to contribute a letter to a literary anthology called, ‘Letter to my Mother’, to be published by Marshall Cavendish (pictured on the right).

The prospect of writing a letter to her late mother, although daunting, would not have been complete without shedding light on her father who has paranoid schizophrenia, and his impact on the whole family.

When she described the direction her contribution was taking with the anthology’s editor he revealed that several contributors also talked of stresses within families and mental health issues such as depression in their letters.

That is when Nanny realised the anthology’s potential to have a broader impact by helping to raise awareness of mental health, especially being a reader herself.


“Literature promotes mental health by enabling people to see things through others' eyes, enabling empathy. One of the most important relationships we ever have is with our mothers and reading how others - like authors in ‘Letter to My Mother’ - remember and process their relationships with their mothers, could support others' mental health," says Nanny.


The Bridges M&C team saw the book as an opportunity to raise awareness and money for two charities dedicated to mental health in Singapore and Malaysia respectively. Learn more about how you can contribute here.